CnF turtle


Turtles are viewed as symbols of luck, longevity, and wisdom in Feng Shui. These attributes are well captured in the Turtle Crystal, which also adds a pleasant aura to any atmosphere. This item offers a touch of elegance and tranquillity to any environment with its stunning hand-carved turtle made of premium crystal.

    • The Turtle Crystal can offer a variety of Feng Shui benefits depending on where it is placed. For example, positioning it in a room’s north or east location can promote job chances while doing the same for good health and family peace.
    • Figurines of turtles are comforting to the psyche. Please put it in your bedroom as one of the feng shui ideas suggested for treating insomnia.
    • The impact of keeping turtles in water is doubled.
    • Have a turtle that resembles a mound in your garden for protection.

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