CnF Tiger’s Eye 8mm Bracelet


Known as a lucky stone, Tiger’s Eye attracts good fortune. During ancient warfare, it was believed to bring victory and protection. You will notice that most people place the Tiger’s Eye stone in their doorways to bring financial stability and success. Its resemblance to an eye led ancient Roman soldiers to believe it was very powerful. Eyes symbolize omnipotence, a quality highly valued on any battlefield. It is believed that this stone can ward off the Evil Eye as well in certain cultures. Ancient Chinese believed it would bring good fortune to those who wore it. Tigers are a symbol of courage, power, and loyalty in Eastern folklore.

    • The Tiger’s eye improves awareness, making it easier to see new ideas and solutions.
    • A more positive and optimistic view of the world is facilitated.
      Feng Shui’s fire element can bring light to a situation, helping us to see things more clearly.
    • When it comes to taking action, feeling confident, and moving forward towards your goals, Tiger’s eye is particularly beneficial.
    • It can help you find the courage and motivation to step out of your comfort zone and into new situations and opportunities, helping you reach your fullest potential.

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