CnF Jade 6mm Bracelet


Jewelry and ornaments are made with jade, which is a mineral. It is usually green, but it can also be yellow or white. There are several types of jade, but Green Jade is the most common and is said to bring tranquility to the spirit and wisdom to the mind. Jade can refer to either of two different silicate minerals: nephrite, or jadeite. A dark shade of jade is generally associated with security and grounding. It is said that lighter shades, such as yellow, white, and lavender, make us more intuitive and allow us to connect with the Higher Realms.

    Jade is believed to have several benefits, including increasing fortune, grounding, and enhancing maturity in relationships.

    Physical Healing Properties

    Jade is a powerful and hugely potent cleansing stone meaning it can go straight to work helping organs to heal from toxins. It is known to help the kidneys, the bladder, and the spleen, and to balance out fluid systems in the body.

    Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

    This stone nudges out negative thought patterns, gifts you the courage and wisdom to welcome your own sage advice, and is all about upping self-sufficiency so you feel allowed and proud to stand on your own two feet.

    Metaphysical Properties

    Strong in spiritual vibes, Jade is hugely connected to the heart chakra


    • Jade is sometimes referred to as the lucky stone or the happiness stone.
    • Healing It’s also believed that jade stone has healing properties.
    • Green is associated with bringing tranquility and calm to difficult situations.


    • Jade can provide healing in relationships and with the self.
    • It may encourage honesty, maturity, life force energy, self-love, and self-acceptance.


    Jade can also be beneficial for boosting clarity and focus.

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