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CnF Morganite 8mm Bracelet

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Morganite, a type of beryl gemstone, is typically found in salmon or pale pink hues.

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Morganite, a type of beryl gemstone, is typically found in salmon or pale pink hues.

The pink color is attributed to the presence of manganese in the stone, and heat treatments are often applied to enhance its color.

Known for its remarkable brilliance, Morganite is available in various beautiful shades of pink, making it a popular choice among women as an alternative to diamonds.

Not only is it visually appealing, but Morganite is also durable and affordable, making it suitable for everyday wear.

Initially called Pink Beryl, it was renamed Morganite in 1911 by George F. Kunz, the chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co., as a tribute to JP Morgan, a prominent gem collector and financier, for his contributions to the American Museum of Natural History.

Morganite is also referred to as Cesian Beryl and Pink Emerald.

The primary source of Morganite is Minas Gerais in Brazil, although it can also be found in Zimbabwe, Russia, Namibia, Mozambique, China, Afghanistan, and the USA.

Recommended Use


When you wear Morganite bracelets and other Pink Beryl jewelry | you create a direct connection between the stone and your heart | allowing its healing vibrations to flow freely. By having the stone in direct contact with your skin | you can fully experience the powerful and dreamy energy it emanates.



Healing and Health Supports heart health and alleviates heart-related issues | including palpitations. Clears the lungs and aids in relieving stress-related illnesses. Provides benefits for vertigo and assists with larynx | thyroid | or tongue problems. Luck and Wealth Enhances clarity and helps you achieve your goals. Amplifies your intentions and attracts prosperity and abundance. Brings good luck at the right moments. Love and Relationships Promotes divine love | healing | compassion | and assurance in relationships. Aligns with the heart chakra | reducing stress and anxiety. Heals old wounds | bringing lightness to the heart and mind. Attracts and nurtures love in your life. Encourages loving thoughts | actions | and communication. Fosters responsibility | consideration | and equality in relationships. Allows authentic self-expression and reduces avoidance behavior. Assists in overcoming fears | anger | and resentment. Helps identify unmet emotional needs and stabilize the emotional field.

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