Western Immortal Lapsang Souchong Tea 1 oz


Lapsang souchong is a black tea in the lapsang souchong family that originates in China and is named after the village where it was created. Everything about this tea is unique, including the origins, the aroma, and the flavor. This tea gets its name from the type of leaves it is made from.

The tea is made from the larger and older, fourth and fifth leaves, unlike most other teas, which use the first two leaves and the buds. The chemical composition of these leaves differs from other leaves as well as their size.

Lapsang Souchong is sometimes also called “Smoked Tea” as the tea leaves are dried by treating with pinewood fire smoke. Dark and large twisted leaves form this amazing tea, while also making it stand out from all other blends when it comes to the smoky fragrance and taste.

    • May improve your heart health and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
    • Unsweetened, this tea may help to relieve your blood pressure and bring your bad (LDL) cholesterol and blood sugar levels down.
  • Steeping Time: 3 – 4 minutes
  • Measure: Modern method: one teaspoon per cup
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