Western Immortal Flowery Hojicha Tea 1oz


Hojicha is a roasted Japanese green tea. The tea leaves or stems are roasted over high heat, which imparts wonderful new roasted flavors and aromas. Even though the color is dark brown and reminiscent of black tea, it is still considered green tea due to its origins. This dark color is unique to Hojicha. It is a certified organic tea and is a variation specific to Miyazaki prefecture.

    • May help enhance the immune system
    • May protect against cardiovascular diseases
    • May usher in relaxation
    • A great green tea to drink in the evening due to its lower caffeine content.
  • Steeping Time: 45 seconds – 1 minute
  • Measure: Modern method: 1 teaspoon per cup / Traditional method: 3g per cup (6 – 8 ounces of water)

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