TheraO3 – Bubbler


This newest edition to the Therasage line of Personal and affordable Ozone Devices is the TheraO3 – Bubbler. The Bubbler has many functions and applications to provide our bodies with O3 – Ozone or extra oxygen. Oxygen therapy is a well-known procedure for supporting the immune system, combating the side effects of bacterial infections, such as viral or microbial attacks, and combating oxidative stress. Utilizing its special tungsten mechanism, this device can sanitize all food sources by simply bubbling low Gamma O3 into a water-filled kitchen sink. The tap water transforms into a sanitation station within minutes, sterilizing and disinfecting the water of all harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other contaminants.

A TheraO3 bath can also boost blood oxygen levels and reduce oxidative stress, making you look and feel younger.

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