Biocidin Botanicals GI Detox+ – Zeolite, Charcoal, & Herbal Formula Capsules


GI Detox+ Gentle Full Spectrum Binder is a combination of nutrients formulated to provide broader activity than a single-ingredient product. Zeolite clay, activated charcoal, and MMST silica are all binding agents with proven efficacy. The other nutrients in G.I. Detox+ support healthy digestion and elimination. The full-spectrum binding of G.I. Detox+ provides a simple solution for environmental and internally produced detoxification. G.I. Detox+ is an important part of any protocol that includes Biocidin, as well as any detoxification protocol.

    • Supports healthy detoxification and full-body cleansing
    • Assists in “mop up” of biofilm components
    • Supports clearance of mold metabolites
    • Aids for a more comfortable cleansing experience
    • May reduce bloating and gas
    • Boosts mental clarity

    • 1 capsule on an empty stomach with a full glass of water or as directed by a healthcare professional.
    • Take 1 hour apart from other medications and supplements.

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    The binding activity of G.I. Detox+™ is an essential part of any treatment strategy that includes removal. As Biocidin® works on biofilms and microbes, mobilizing LPS, metals, mycotoxins, and unwanted microbial byproducts, G.I. Detox™+ binds and clears, ensuring comfort and compliance.* Microorganisms balanced. Biofilms dismantled. Detoxification done right.

    G.I. Detox™+ is formulated to provide broader activity than a single-ingredient product.* Zeolite clay, activated charcoal, and silica, plus apple pectin, humic powder, and aloe vera. Binding and detoxification agents long used in traditional medicine and supported by modern research.