FX Chocolate – Focus

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Powered by NooGandha Ashwagandha for clarity and serenity while winning at life. Fx Focus contains 300mg of NooGandha ashwagandha extract per serving. Together this next-generation extract offers both adaptogenic benefits and newly discovered compounds for nootropic cognitive support.

    • BRAIN HEALTH – Helps with mental stress, this nootropic is a substance that supports cognitive performance, and memory and facilitates learning
    • BODY & MIND – Normalize the physiological process and adapt to change.
    • STRESS RELIEF – Ashwagandha also provides numerous other benefits that help promote brain function, support healthy blood sugar and cortisol metabolism, and help to protect you from the damaging effects of stress.

    • Take it 1 square at a time.
    • We recommend eating 1 square of Fx Focus Chocolate once per day.
    • Increase dosage as necessary.
    • Do not exceed two squares per day.


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