Dentalcidin LS Broad-Spectrum Oral Rinse with Biocidin

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The active ingredient in Dentalcidin LS oral rinse is Biocidin, a proprietary blend of 17 botanical extracts and essential oils. In pilot research by Binghamton University, Biocidin was shown to significantly reduce the viability of germs associated with biofilm (plaque) production.

    Keeps teeth feeling clean all-day

    • Gentle, effective cleaning
    • Maintains oral health
    • Assists in removing oral biofilms (plaque)
    • Supports oral microbiome balance
    • Broad-spectrum activity
    • Contains botanicals with antioxidant and tissue-soothing activity

    • Swish using 2 pumps for 1-2 minutes then expel.
    • Use 2-3 times per day after brushing with Dentalcidin Toothpaste for a complete program and ongoing maintenance.
    • Best if used within 60 days of opening.

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    That fuzzy feeling on your teeth? You know it as plaque. Scientifically speaking, it’s a biofilm. Dentalcidin™LS liposomal rinse contains Biocidin®, our proprietary blend of 18 botanical extracts and essential oils. Pilot research shows Biocidin® significantly reduces the viability of germs associated with biofilm production.

    Dentalcidin™ toothpaste gently and effectively cleans and whitens teeth, while supporting healthy microbial balance.* Dentalcidin™LS adds deeper activity in the periodontal area.* Both products contain essential oils to freshen breath.

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