CnF Wire Wrapped 7 Chakra Selenite


Selenite is thought to be a powerful healing crystal that promotes mental clarity, well-being, and peace. It is a crystallized form of gypsum that’s most commonly found in the form of a translucent, multifaceted stone. Selenite is used for protection and luck. It has a powerful vibration that can clear, open and activate the higher chakras. It is used to cleanse and purify your other crystals.

    7 Chakra Stone Selenite Wand for Chakra healing, balancing, and restoration. Selenite is an energy diffuser and restorer, similar to what a smudging cleanse does. Precisely focuses energy, amplifying and directing energy flow to each corresponding chakra.

    Selenite is the ultimate cleanser. It cleanses and clears the body, mind, and soul.

    • Can unblock stagnant energy and removes negative energy.
    • It is powerful as a shield and protects a person or space.
    • Selenite calms and brings peaceful energy.
    • It also encourages calm sleep and soothing dreams.
    • Selenite opens the Crown Chakra and aids in mediation or other spiritual work.
    • It also helps to align all the Chakras and brings healing energy.
    • Selenite can intensely magnify the energy of any other stone that is placed on it.
    • In addition, selenite is self-cleansing and also cleanses any stone that is placed near or on it.

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