CnF Solid Cube


Selenite cubes emit pure moon energy and also provide grounding energy, making them the perfect tools for full moon affirmation rituals. Grounding energy is created by cube-shaped crystals, which connect us to the earth. Meditating allows us to stabilize our thoughts and get a realistic perspective on the world around us.

    • Cleanses and recharges your soul.
    • The six-sided sacred shape merges the power of spiritual bliss with the solid power of the cube form to draw clarity and serenity.
    • Can reverse free radical damage to cell structure and emotionally it can help release anxiety.
    • Grants clarity.
    • Gives you the light and lift you need to elevate in your power.
    • The cube calls on sacred geometry and is all earthy solid energy, stability, grounding, and all angles working together to support each other.
    • Strengthens all kinds of spiritual practice – from connecting with angel guides to awakening psychic abilities and cleansing the aura.

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