CnF Morganite 8mm Bracelet

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Morganite is an orange or pink gemstone and is also a variety of beryl. The color is caused by the presence of manganese in the stone, and the heat treatments that this stone undergoes enhance its colors as well. It has a high degree of brilliance and often comes in the prettiest shades of pink. Since it has these qualities, it has become a favorite among women because it is an excellent alternative to diamonds. It was discovered in California in the early 1900s. The mineral was originally known as Pink Beryl until 1911 when Tiffany & Co.’s chief gemologist George F. Kunz renamed it Morganite after his friend and customer, J.P. Morgan, during a meeting of the New York Academy of Sciences.

    • Wearing Morganite with the whole heart helps evoke a sense of joy, peace, and inner strength, and when worn for long periods of time, it raises your confidence and encourages warm and caring actions and thoughts.
    • Enhances the sense of consideration and responsibility. Perfect for adolescent girls.
    • It helps attracts one’s soul mate and deepens the ongoing love.
    • An excellent crystal to heal emotional grief and trauma.
    • Empowers women and enables them to feel beauty and strength, and to realize that one can be independent of men and still feel harmony with the male energy.
    • Enhances respect and patience for one’s self and others.
    • Reputed to lower stress, relieve the pressure to perform, and reduce the pattern of avoidance and “running away” from situations.
    • Physically, Morganite is said to counter palpitations and other heart-related problems, as well as clear the lungs, treat the nervous system and relieve stress-related illnesses.

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