CnF Hexagon Bowl


The Selenite Hexagon Bowl is the perfect way to store, clear, and charge your smaller crystals. The hexagonal crystal shape is also energetically powerful and symbolizes the inherent order of the universe. This shape adds an extra layer of energy to the Selenite bowl, and working with it can take your intentions and crystal practice to the next level.

The hexagon signifies higher wisdom and spirituality. This symbol usually appears in religious space designs to create a peaceful atmosphere. This shape replicates various natural chemical bonds such as snowflakes and honeycombs in a very fascinating geometrical pattern.

    • Delivers clarity of mind
    • Cleanses negative energy
    • Attracts guardian angels and protective energy
    • Instills deep peace
    • Excellent for meditation and spiritual work
    • Assists judgment
    • Clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture



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