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This is our flagship immune- and digestive-support product. Para 1 facilitates the removal of unwanted items from the gut. Para 1 is made of one simple ingredient—Mimosa Pudica Seeds. These come from an Ayurvedic herb that has been used to support health since ancient times. In the gut, the powdered seeds become gelatinous and sticky. So, they can “scrub” the digestive tract and carry away many unwanted materials in the stools. This supports the normal elimination of biofilm buildup, toxins, and other unwanted factors. Para 1 is the most effective when taken on an empty stomach. So take it at least 20 minutes before or 2 hours after eating. For the most potency, avoid taking Para 1 at the same time as any binders. Ideally, separate them by at least 30–60 minutes.

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