Buddha Beans Coffee Colombia

$10.00$41.00 or from $8.50$34.85 / month

Freshly roasted Buddha Beans Coffee Columbia with hazelnut, caramel, and white chocolate notes. It possesses a strong coffee flavor while remaining full-bodied yet incredibly smooth.

Buddha Beans coffee is infused with 100% organic non-GMO CBD extracted naturally from USA-grown HEMP.

This product contains 0% THC.

    • Energy without jitters.
    • Helps with mental focus.
    • Helps with relaxation.
    1-3 Cups


    Notes of White Chocolate, Caramel & Hazelnut. Savor a rich, smooth & full-bodied taste w/ each sip. Has a bold coffee flavor yet still very smooth.

    We infuse our coffee beans with 100% organic non-GMO USA grown Hemp.

    Hemp stalk derived?: yes Hemp extraction source: USDA organic certified hemp farm Product ingredients: Hemp and coffee beans Recommended daily dosage: 1-3 cups