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Must-Visit Restaurants in Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta, GA, has developed into a top-tier destination for both locals and tourists. The city features excellent restaurants that serve local and international delicacies. That means you’ll always find something to enjoy during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Learn information about Alpharetta, GA.

The following are restaurants you should not miss out on.


Lapeer is the ideal restaurant for a great date night. The restaurant serves the best steak and seafood. You may need to spend some more on the cuisines, but they are made to perfection, giving the best value for your money. Besides, you’ll always have some toppings and sides to complement your meal. Discover facts about Ideal Places for Shopping in Alpharetta, GA.


Barleygarden is located at 900 Avalon Blvd and is the best place to grab dishes that pair perfectly with a beer. It also has an expansive outdoor space and an upstairs patio where you can enjoy your experience even on a hot day.

Casa Nuova Italian Restaurant

Casa Nuova Italian Restaurant is the go-to place for the best Italian-inspired dishes. It offers well-crafted wines, tailored diets, and creatively presented dishes. The servers here are friendly and accommodating, giving every guest the best experience.

Alpharetta, GA, is a food oasis with a wide range of restaurants to accommodate everyone.