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Explore the Fun-Filled Parks in Alpharetta, GA

Parks are fun spots to relax, picnic, and walk or jog whenever you feel so. And in Alpharetta, several parks offer much-needed spaces to explore these fun opportunities. Learn more here.

Here are the best parks available.

Wills Park

Wills Park is the perfect city center green space for anyone looking for a place to exercise or those traveling with younger children. The recreation center hosts basketball, aerobics, and karate, while there are also three children’s playgrounds with slides, swings, and monkey bars, among other attractions that will be sure to keep little ones entertained at least for a few minutes. The park also incorporates tennis courts and a swimming pool. Learn more about Alpharetta, GA, Is a Historic Town.

Big Creek Greenway

This natural belt is located on North Point Parkway. The Greenway is a centerpiece for outdoor sightseeing. Popular activities include walking, jogging, rollerblading, and biking. Locals rave about the abundance of natural scenery along Big Creek. Dirt mountain bike trails are located on the east side of the creek.