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Alpharetta, GA, is a Festive Town

In summer, Alpharetta offers the best festivals you can find anywhere. These festivals are aimed at celebrating the city and its unique traditions. Learn information about Alpharetta, GA.

If you love festivals, below are the top festivals you should never miss. 

Alpharetta Arts Festival

This art festival features photography, jewelry, metalwork, pottery, and more. The festival is located in downtown Alpharetta, a condensed area. The layout is easy to stroll through and see everything. A few food vendors and multiple restaurants in the location. Discover facts about Alpharetta, GA, is a Chock-Full of Parks.

In addition to the artisans, there are different booths dedicated to kid activities, meaning the event is family-friendly. 

Alpharetta Brew Moon Festival

This festival is usually set up in downtown Alpharetta on Milton Avenue. Attendees can buy tables or pay a single $10 entrance fee, which allows them to purchase craft beer. You can also carry chairs and tables. 

You and your friends can dance in the streets when you attend this festival.