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Alpharetta, GA Bubbles with Parks

If you love spending quality time in a green and serene setup, your trip to Alpharetta will be worth it. The city bubbles with endless options of green parks, and here are just a few of the options. Learn information about Alpharetta, GA.

Big Creek Greenway

This greenway, or linear park, runs for roughly 7.4 miles along the length of Big Creek. Marked by a wide paved path, it is suitable for all times of the year and is a popular place for residents and visitors to walk in the fresh air. A spur also circles an area of wetland between Mansell Road and Haynes Bridge Road, which is a great place to sight birdlife, including blue heron and other species such as deer. But follow the main path, and you’ll end up in Big Creek Park in neighboring Roswell. Discover facts about Alpharetta, GA Is a Dining Paradise.

Wills Park

Wills Park is the perfect city center green space for anyone looking for a place to exercise or those traveling with younger children. The recreation center hosts basketball, aerobics, and karate, while there are also three children’s playgrounds with slides, swings, and monkey bars, among other attractions that will keep little ones entertained at least for a few minutes. The park also incorporates tennis courts and a swimming pool.