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Alpharetta, GA, Bubbles with Beautiful Parks

If you are looking for playgrounds, picnic spots, hiking and jogging areas, Alpharetta, GA is a perfect destination. Most of the parks are suitable for entire family fun activities. Learn more here.

Here are the best parks to visit in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Wills Park

This is one of the largest parks in Alpharetta and has so much to offer. The park has multiple sports areas, including two tee-ball fields, batting cages, lighted tennis courts, a disc golf course, and several baseball fields. Additionally, this facility has three playgrounds for kids. Adults can enjoy horse riding, picnic shelters, walking trails, and doing some exercises using outdoor exercise equipment. It is worth noting that this local park has gardens and an arboretum full of beautifully landscaped trees. Most importantly, the park has a dog park. So you can bring your canine pal to exercise and have fun. Learn more about Alpharetta, GA, is A Perfect Place to Enjoy Fun Activities.

Big Creek Greenway 

This is a perfect recreational park located along Big Creek. If you want to enjoy hiking and biking, the recreational park features a 9-mile multi-use trail path. You can also walk and jog along the trail. You will see different wildlife, plants, and seasonal flowers during the walk. Please note that you can connect to Union Hill Park and Rock Mill Park from the main trail.